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Mike has a great understanding of broad business goals and challenges and the roles each function plays in the overall success of the organization. He has the business acumen and wisdom of leaders many years his senior. The company’s sales productivity performance was directly attributed to the high-quality lead generation. The consistency of performance quarter after quarter, year after year, was truly remarkable.

Mike can truly grow your sales pipeline! Amazingly effective. I’ve worked with Mike now in more than one of the business ventures I’ve been responsible for. He’s the go-to guy.

Karen (van Lith) Goetz, Business Leader and Corporate Board Director

We engaged Mike to help us in Marketing and Lead Generation for prospective clients. Mike’s expertise has allowed us to target specific individuals and clients in specific Vertical Markets. Mike has been instrumental in our Marketing Campaigns based on his messaging, knowledge of Salesforce and his contacts. We are fortunate to be working with Mike and look forward to several more Sales & Marketing Campaigns utilizing his services.

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
Michael Faulise, Consulting Partner, tap|QA

We worked with Mike to fill a Market Development Representative role, a position we have not previously had at tapQA. Mike did a great job creating an appropriate description for the role, and immediately found a number of great candidates, most of whom were a great fit for what we were looking for. Mike understands these types of roles well, we’d highly recommend other organizations work with him as well.

Kirk Walton, VP, tap|QA

Mike played a critical role in our agency’s sales development process. He is responsive, invested and interested in making a difference to us and our business. Additionally, he was willing to help mentor an up and coming sales professional on several levels, so we appreciate his spirit of “coaching up” and giving back.

Anne Mies, Director, Digital Marketing at iAffiliate Management

Mike is a rock star. Great process, attention to detail and delivers!

Gregg Kloke, President and COO, SmartBase Solutions

Mike has done an excellent job of helping our company be more sales focused. From developing the process to generating productive leads to actually contacting prospects, Mike has been instrumental in helping us achieve our revenue goals. I would highly recommend him for true new business development–a very hard skill set to find.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Kris Lynch, CEO and Owner, SmartBase Solutions

Mike is the first sales person we have hired that has delivered what he promised. Our products and services are not easily understood by most people. Mike has done an excellent job learning and then articulating what we do to the highest level of an organization down to the director/manager level who typically is our end customer. Mike is a professional, respectful and not arrogant which to me are unique qualities in a sales person. I’ve truly enjoyed working with Mike and look forward to prosperous 2011 given the many qualified leads that Mike has produced for us.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable
Amy Sherek, Executive Vice President, Client Services, SmartBase Solutions

We’ve been happy working with Mike. He’s a very effective lead generator and we continue to enjoy the fruits of our partnership. I would happily recommend Mike.

Alex Gelman, CEO, mTAB

Working with Mike on sales recruiting was easy and enjoyable. He is very responsive and willing to get into the weeds to assist. I would certainly recommend him!

Bill Stephenson, VP, Global Sales, mTAB

Working with Mike was great, he was able to coach me through the whole recruitment process which gave me the confidence and guidance to land the perfect sales job! He possesses a wealth of knowledge as a sales recruiter and sales coach, I can highly recommend him. He serves clients and sales and marketing candidates throughout the U.S. and Canada, so if you need a recruiter or coach don’t hesitate to contact Mike you will surely not be disappointed.

Elie Khouri, Business Development Representative, mTAB

Mike is an excellent Sales Recruiter and delightful to work with! He truly cares about his candidate’s success and offers excellent advice. He is professional and will accommodate your schedule.

He asks challenging questions and prioritizes finding the right candidate. He has a wealth of knowledge and seems to know his industries inside and out! I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for sales recruitment in the technology industry.

Janessa Hayven, Business Development Representative, mTAB

Mike is a thought leader and absolute expert in sales and business development. His coaching and mentorship have contributed to major growth for me both personally and professionally. I highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for actionable strategies for growing a business, a sales team or an individual skill set. Mike’s creative and outside the box approach is what separates him from other sales leaders and his clients from their competition.

Brett Miller, Director of Account Management, OneOme

Mike has been instrumental in helping to grow my sales pipeline. He is able to get appointments for me with potential opportunities when I have been unable to on my own. Thank you, Mike!!!!

Liz Walbrun, Vice President, Hoonuit

Mike played an integral part in our marketing team and our campaign strategy to qualify leads and pass them to our sales team. His efficient process, ability to talk through the product with ease and attention to detail made working with Mike a great experience. He brought his expertise into our process, refining and iterating as he went. Mike genuinely cared about the success of our campaigns and we truly appreciate all the hard work he has given to Hoonuit.

Megan Sutherland, Marketing Campaign Specialist, Hoonuit

Mike is nothing short of exceptional in advocating for your company.

Tim Michalski, Founder and CEO, Lighthouse Software

Mike is a consummate professional and really understands how to solve the biggest sales challenge with startups and new product initiatives – who to reach, how to reach them, what should be the message and starting the engagement. He has a terrific approach to engaging people and uncovering opportunities. I really enjoy working with him! I would strongly recommend Mike for any business that finally realizes that just hiring salespeople is not enough – in fact before they make their first hire.

John J. Moroney, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Lighthouse Software

Mike and Grow Your Sales Pipeline stepped in and helped to accelerate our outbound lead generation policies and processes while nurturing specific prospects to add to our sales pipeline. I’m impressed by Mike’s knowledge of lead generation best practices and his extraordinary organization of a cadence that exceeded dozens of communication steps.

He is committed to your process and flexible to your customized systems and methodologies. He is always ready and available when needed.