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Mike has a great understanding of broad business goals and challenges and the roles each function plays in the overall success of the organization. He has the business acumen and wisdom of leaders many years his senior. The company’s sales productivity performance was directly attributed to the high-quality lead generation. The consistency of performance quarter after quarter, year after year, was truly remarkable.

Mike can truly grow your sales pipeline! Amazingly effective. I’ve worked with Mike now in more than one of the business ventures I’ve been responsible for. He’s the go-to guy.

Karen (van Lith) Goetz, Business Leader and Corporate Board Director

We engaged Mike to help us in Marketing and Lead Generation for prospective clients. Mike’s expertise has allowed us to target specific individuals and clients in specific Vertical Markets. Mike has been instrumental in our Marketing Campaigns based on his messaging, knowledge of Salesforce and his contacts. We are fortunate to be working with Mike and look forward to several more Sales & Marketing Campaigns utilizing his services.

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
Michael Faulise, Consulting Partner, tap|QA

We worked with Mike to fill a Market Development Representative role, a position we have not previously had at tapQA. Mike did a great job creating an appropriate description for the role, and immediately found a number of great candidates, most of whom were a great fit for what we were looking for. Mike understands these types of roles well, we’d highly recommend other organizations work with him as well.

Kirk Walton, VP, tap|QA

Mike played a critical role in our agency’s sales development process. He is responsive, invested and interested in making a difference to us and our business. Additionally, he was willing to help mentor an up and coming sales professional on several levels, so we appreciate his spirit of “coaching up” and giving back.

Anne Mies, Director, Digital Marketing at iAffiliate Management

Mike is a rock star. Great process, attention to detail and delivers!

Gregg Kloke, President and COO, SmartBase Solutions

Mike has done an excellent job of helping our company be more sales focused. From developing the process to generating productive leads to actually contacting prospects, Mike has been instrumental in helping us achieve our revenue goals. I would highly recommend him for true new business development–a very hard skill set to find.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Kris Lynch, CEO and Owner, SmartBase Solutions

Mike is the first sales person we have hired that has delivered what he promised. Our products and services are not easily understood by most people. Mike has done an excellent job learning and then articulating what we do to the highest level of an organization down to the director/manager level who typically is our end customer. Mike is a professional, respectful and not arrogant which to me are unique qualities in a sales person. I’ve truly enjoyed working with Mike and look forward to prosperous 2011 given the many qualified leads that Mike has produced for us.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable
Amy Sherek, Executive Vice President, Client Services, SmartBase Solutions

We’ve been happy working with Mike. He’s a very effective lead generator and we continue to enjoy the fruits of our partnership. I would happily recommend Mike.

Alex Gelman, CEO, mTAB

Working with Mike on sales recruiting was easy and enjoyable. He is very responsive and willing to get into the weeds to assist. I would certainly recommend him!

Bill Stephenson, VP, Global Sales, mTAB

Working with Mike was great, he was able to coach me through the whole recruitment process which gave me the confidence and guidance to land the perfect sales job! He possesses a wealth of knowledge as a sales recruiter and sales coach, I can highly recommend him. He serves clients and sales and marketing candidates throughout the U.S. and Canada, so if you need a recruiter or coach don’t hesitate to contact Mike you will surely not be disappointed.

Elie Khouri, Business Development Representative, mTAB

Mike is an excellent Sales Recruiter and delightful to work with! He truly cares about his candidate’s success and offers excellent advice. He is professional and will accommodate your schedule.

He asks challenging questions and prioritizes finding the right candidate. He has a wealth of knowledge and seems to know his industries inside and out! I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for sales recruitment in the technology industry.

Janessa Hayven, Business Development Representative, mTAB

Mike is a thought leader and absolute expert in sales and business development. His coaching and mentorship have contributed to major growth for me both personally and professionally. I highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for actionable strategies for growing a business, a sales team or an individual skill set. Mike’s creative and outside the box approach is what separates him from other sales leaders and his clients from their competition.

Brett Miller, Director of Account Management, OneOme

Mike has been instrumental in helping to grow my sales pipeline. He is able to get appointments for me with potential opportunities when I have been unable to on my own. Thank you, Mike!!!!

Liz Walbrun, Vice President, Hoonuit

Mike played an integral part in our marketing team and our campaign strategy to qualify leads and pass them to our sales team. His efficient process, ability to talk through the product with ease and attention to detail made working with Mike a great experience. He brought his expertise into our process, refining and iterating as he went. Mike genuinely cared about the success of our campaigns and we truly appreciate all the hard work he has given to Hoonuit.

Megan Sutherland, Marketing Campaign Specialist, Hoonuit

Mike is nothing short of exceptional in advocating for your company.

Tim Michalski, Founder and CEO, Lighthouse Software

Mike is a consummate professional and really understands how to solve the biggest sales challenge with startups and new product initiatives – who to reach, how to reach them, what should be the message and starting the engagement. He has a terrific approach to engaging people and uncovering opportunities. I really enjoy working with him! I would strongly recommend Mike for any business that finally realizes that just hiring salespeople is not enough – in fact before they make their first hire.

John J. Moroney, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Lighthouse Software

Mike and Grow Your Sales Pipeline stepped in and helped to accelerate our outbound lead generation policies and processes while nurturing specific prospects to add to our sales pipeline. I’m impressed by Mike’s knowledge of lead generation best practices and his extraordinary organization of a cadence that exceeded dozens of communication steps.

He is committed to your process and flexible to your customized systems and methodologies. He is always ready and available when needed.

Karen Beran, Marketing Consultant, Lighthouse Software

Mike is committed to helping our company grow. His experience and expertise shows in the work he does for us.

Roberta Freese, Controller, Lighthouse Software

Mike is upbeat, focused, customer oriented, and great at executing. He’s a pleasure to work with.

Briana Carlson, EVP Business Development, Lighthouse Software

Mike is a real pro, and a true leader in his field. Go with Mike and you’ll get the work done you need and the results you want.

John Sekevitch, Sales & Marketing Global Leader

Mike has been an incredible asset in helping us uncover new sales opportunities. He has shown great attention to detail, follow through and most importantly, Mike delivers results.

I would recommend Mike to anyone organization that wants to increase not only the number but also the quality of opportunities in their pipeline.

Chris Walker, Director of Sales at Great Bay Software

Mike is very knowledgeable about lead generation best practices. Specifically, I worked with Mike on email prospecting through Marketo and Salesforce.com. He worked with my team to help us determine what worked best for our audience, as well as what processes we should put in place to efficiently and seamlessly track results. I would recommend Mike if you are looking to build out or optimize your lead generation efforts.

Mandy Groen, Marketing Manager at Great Bay Software

Mike has a strong work ethic and always produces. He is a great partner if you are looking to grow sales and marketing opportunities within your organization. Mike understands how to find what works and gets the job done. I would recommend Mike to anyone.

Dan Brandl, Enterprise Account Executive at Great Bay Software

Mike is a lead generation and marketing expert. He is a master at prioritization and time management to help marketing teams become more efficient. I noticed how thorough Mike is in his work, and it really shines in his results. He has a knack for finding what works and setting up any organization for success. If you are looking for a true leader in their category, Mike is your guy.

Zach Hetrick, Account Development Rep at Great Bay Software

I have had the privilege of working with Mike over the past few months and he has done a great job helping us locate new talent for our sales team. Mike is a pleasure to work with!

Tara Lampkins, Sales Manager at PlatinumCode

I had the opportunity to work with Mike on a project for a small, start-up company who needed help getting their sales going. Mike was very fast at getting up to speed on their business and was able to provide opportunities within the first week. He inspired the internal staff to step up their game as well. Mike understood the special circumstances of working with a smaller company and lent his expertise in a way that helped them the most. It was a pleasure to work with Mike and I would recommend him to any size company looking for help with lead generation.

Julie Hanken, Senior Project Manager at Freelance

I had the pleasure of working with Mike at OptiMine. He was diligent, hard working, knowledgeable, and tenacious. He hit the ground running and was able to drive new leads and open doors quickly where others had struggled. The leads and new contacts that he creates drive quality discussions that move through the sales funnel appropriately. I would recommend Mike to any organization that is looking to jump start their lead generation program.

Simeon Meldrum-Taylor, VP of Sales East, OptiMine Software

Mike is, quite simply, a master B2B lead generator. Highest recommendation.

Michelle Jesse, VP Marketing, OptiMine Software

I had the opportunity to work with Mike at OptiMine. He brought great professionalism, focus, and drive to the Inside Sales function at OptiMine and helped us move to the next level. I highly recommend Mike and his services for anyone looking to grow their sales and business!

Brent Decker, Director, Account Management, OptiMine Software

Mike is an extremely professional and results-oriented lead generator. In addition to the value that he drives from a leader in his position, he also goes the extra mile for everyone involved in the process. As a technical resource to the sales process, I rely heavily on his strategic overviews of opportunities and general assistance every time I talk to a client.

Judd Eder, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, OptiMine Software

Mike came to our company and immediately had great results. We hired Mike after seeing horrible results from a professional call center. We had sent them 2000 names to set up meetings with and they set up 3 meetings with only one showing up. Mike was able to take that same list of names and get 10+ meetings set up immediately with all of them showing – and he’s still setting up more! We worked great together and he was a constant professional. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to generate new leads. Thanks, Mike!

Nick Pino, Inside Sales, OptiMine Software

Mike is a really professional, hardworking and experienced lead gen expert – excellent at what he does. He set up some valuable appointments for me in the UK despite being based in the US. He is also a great guy to work with and I wish him all the best going forward.

Miguel de la Rocha, Business Development EMEA, OptiMine Software

Working with Mike has been a great experience, he has been able to identify and generate solid leads that lead to great opportunities. Ever the professional, he was responsive and always delivered.

Theo Wu, Market Development APAC, OptiMine Software

Mike supported our lead generation efforts for a period of 6 months. He displayed great professionalism, was a quick start in terms of understanding our technology, was tenacious, communicated well with our team and got results. I would work with Mike again. I recommend Mike wholeheartedly.

Kevin Erdman, Chief Executive Officer, Board Member, Workface

Mike is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. Mike knows the game and is very good at opening doors.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Kris Zuber, Enterprise Sales Executive, Workface

Working with Mike was a great experience for my team. He was thoughtful, responsive, and highly knowledgeable. I would recommend Mike and his team to anyone!

Robby Wiens, Solutions Manager and Sales Executive, Workface

Mike is a one-of-a-kind B2B lead generator. I have known Mike for over a decade. In that time, I have referred him numerous times as a highly competent generator of high-quality B2B leads – twice into jobs and twice to clients of mine after he founded his company. In each instance, those that hired Mike raved about his ability to generate high-quality leads. Mike and his company execute high standard multi-channel B2B lead generation marketing programs in order to drive profitable revenue growth for client partners. If you need lead generation, hire Mike. He is the best in the business.

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative
Paul Cronin, Managing Partner, Cornerstone3

I have worked for and with Mike at several organizations over the past 15 years. Mike is an absolute professional and carries years of applicable and proven experience. There are few finer professionals and colleagues. Whenever I have reached out to Mike for guidance, best practices or general advice – he never fails to deliver. Poignant, succinct and committed are clear qualities that Mike possesses and more importantly – nurtures in others. Mike has a proven track record. When I asked for his help in finding the ‘right role’ for myself, again he delivered. No matter what, Mike will deliver and out-produce whatever expectations are laid out before him.

Jeramy Cain, Business Development at SetSight

Mike is great at his job and I expect to be working with him in many ways going forward.

Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity
Adam Clay, Account Manager, MakeMusic

Mike has worked for InterplX for the past two-plus years and has been a great help as we looked to grow our sales staff, pipeline and results. His work is extremely well-thought out and thorough. His leads are very solid and have resulted in new business for us. In addition, Mike’s recruiting activities and contacts provided us with several top-notch candidates as we looked to grow our Sales team. His productivity is very good and his reporting and communications are tops. I highly recommend Mike as a recruiting, marketing and lead generation expert as well as a great team player.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Chuck Buckner, President and CEO, InterplX Expense Management

Mike has delivered fantastic results helping us to fill our pipeline with qualified high potential leads. He does his homework, knows our product and services and then makes contact with the right people at our prospects. He does a great job at completing his call reports; providing all the necessary background information needed for us to begin our sales efforts with the prospects. Although he could be considered tenacious in his efforts to contact the “right” people, he is never offensive always treating his contacts with respect. He asks all the right questions and gains a complete understanding of the prospects wants & needs and their buying motives before turning the opportunity over to us. We value Mike’s contributions a ton.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Robert Rayca, Co-Founder and Vice President, InterplX

Mike is incredibly consistent with his approach to generating leads. He knows how to call high in the organization, with the goal of connecting at the right level. We continue to see results from his efforts, even as much as a year after his last contact with a target company.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time
George Roscoe, Director of Marketing, InterplX Expense Management

Mike was hired per the recommendation of an employee who had worked with him before in the past. We hired him to help us call upon a target list of accounts we wanted to go after. His work ethic is top-notch as is the quality of information he provides us with every qualified lead he develops. His skills and abilities perfectly complement our lead generation efforts on the marketing side of things. I hope we can continue to leverage his expertise for many more months and would definitely recommend him for any company I work for in the future.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Ryan Lewis, Marketing Manager, InterplX

I have worked with Mike for over 10 years and highly respect him and the quality of leads he produces. Give him a try for yourself!

Kris Kleiber, Sales Executive, InterplX

Mike is very persistent and focused in providing lead generation services. His attention to detail and follow through is excellent.

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity
Tim Sexton, President, Sexton Strategic

I had the pleasure of working directly with Mike at MakeMusic, his comprehensive approach yielded results quickly targeting a specialized vertical market of music educators. His use of SFDC ensured we always knew exactly where things stood with his results. I would recommend Mike to anyone looking to drive high-quality leads to their business quickly.

Christopher A. Boyer, Education Sales Director, MakeMusic

Our company worked with Mike’s organization for a short-term engagement and they delivered fantastic results across the board. Building up the initial database of industry contacts, with relevant and accurate data and working closely with our sales team helped kick-off a great campaign and drive very good results. Mike’s team is very process oriented which made it easy to partner.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time
James Schermerhorn, VP Business Development, AAXIS Commerce

Mike’s methodical approach to Lead Generation takes the mystery out of prospecting. Through his techniques and insights, Mike’s business development strategy leaves nothing to chance. Building on years of experience, with a passion fed by unparalleled success, Mike’s consulting services left our sales teams inspired and asking for more. He has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to a long-lasting business relationship with Mike.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
Laura Grendahl, Director of Client Development, Convey

Mike has leading-edge ideas and techniques to help grow your pipeline. His methodologies take the cold out of cold calling and help dramatically increase your odds of landing a qualified appointment.

Sal Martinico, Regional Sales Manager, Convey

We engaged Mike to help us dig into the prospective client organizations in our target market and ID the individuals that we would want to approach. Just as he did when I worked with him at Digital River, Mike quickly and efficiently developed a deep list of relevant prospects. This project only scratched the surface of Mike’s capabilities, and we plan to work with Mike on additional market development efforts going forward.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
Don C. Peterson, Managing Partner, tap|QA

More Reviews

“The number of 5-star ratings for Mike is indicative of how highly his network and clients regard him, myself included. He continually strives to bring value to every interaction, big and small, which is a testament to his character. The double bonus is that he’s highly effective at uncovering prospects for your business!”

“I have known Mike for nearly 20 years and he is the consummate professional. He has intuitive business and people skills. I would highly recommend him to any business looking to improve their current situation.”

“Mike is top-notch at what he does not only in B2B lead generation but also in assisting in setting up B2B Departments. Communication is one of his finest qualities. Mike has the energy, drive, and expertise to help a company not only grow large quantities of opportunities but more important quality opportunities.”

“Mike is a very focused and professional coach who catered well to finding my strengths and weaknesses and helped me to ensure success in my hiring process.”

“I’ve worked with Mike previously and he always exhibits phenomenal character and work ethic. He is constantly finding new and innovative ways to help his clients better their business. He is a great person and someone that I would 100 percent recommend that you work with.”

“I have known Mike for close to 15 years. He is as professional and hardworking as they come. Mikes positive “can do” attitude is contagious and it shows in the results of his work. I highly recommend Mike.”

“Mike is a selfless leader, which is what today’s greatest and most successful companies are built on—selfless leadership focused on others’ personal growth, professional development, and goal-oriented results.

I would highly recommend Mike Ciccolella to anyone in need of marketing/business development and lead generation results, or for internal process refinement.”

“If you are looking to drive profitable revenue growth to accelerate your business, engaging Grow your Sales Pipeline is a must!”

“I worked with Mike on a big lead generation and marketing project for a very large expense management client. He was always professional and very helpful to me in analyzing and forecasting sales and revenue. We had a lot of success in improving the lead generation and results which helped the companies’ bottom line immensely.”

“Great person to start the new year.”

“In the time that I’ve known Mike, he’s always demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and true dedication to his work. He’s constantly coming up with innovative ways to grow businesses and I have learned an immense amount through our interactions. I would recommend his services to anyone! Thanks, Mike!”

“Mike is a fantastic hunter and truly understands complex technical sales. He is great at building relationships and fostering conversations that lead to deeper discussions. I truly enjoyed my time working with Mike, he is a very hard worker.”

“There is a magic about Michael that makes anything seem possible. He is committed to helping others succeed and his passion for what he does is contagious. He has a proven track record of helping teams meet their potential and go beyond. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking success!”

“Bright, energetic, detailed market awareness and integrity describe Mike and all the work he does and supports. Strong company and good to work with.”

“Mike is a true craftsman when it comes to sales, increased revenue and building you clients.”

“I have worked with Mike since 2009 both as a Sales Director vetting leads and as a CRO of an IAAS company working to find leads for our channel partners. Mike is very astute at understanding both the vendors he works with and the lead pipeline he will build for you. It makes a huge difference to have warm leads where Mike’s team has qualified and built a relationship with the clients that will result in sales and new clients for your business. He is also very straightforward with his rates and setting expectations. Great service ♦️”

“Mike is a consummate professional and highly knowledgeable in lead/business development. I would definitely trust his expertise in pipeline building.”

“Michael is an incredible business development resource. I would highly recommend him to any organization looking to increase their sales pipeline.”

“Mike is a tireless worker and a lifelong student, he always delivers more than you expect. If you decide to align with him, my guess is you will be thrilled with the results.”

“Mike brings quality and detail to the work he performs. Any company or individual that considers working with him will soon understand his zest and integrity.”

“Mike is extremely hard working and utilizes his vast knowledge and experience that drive results.”

“Mike is tenacious, professional, and strives for success in all things! He is passionate about business; which completes the package, and why he is a winner.”

“Mike is exceedingly disciplined, focused and ambitious. Mike is – without exaggeration – the best manager I’ve ever worked for. The expression I would use to describe him is “grace under pressure.” In a quota driven environment where we’re all feeling the urgency to perform, Mike has an almost preternaturally calm and unflappable demeanor. He communicates this confidence and serenity to the team, instilling a confidence that we can succeed no matter what obstacles might face us.”

“Mike is a great resource and has many connections to leverage for his clients!”

“Mike created the dashboards and the reports in Salesforce and set up virtually all of the sales executives with them. His efforts have given the sales leaders great access to data that they were missing before, and this has helped them make critical decisions.”

“Mike is extremely detailed and responsive. Would highly recommend!”

“The best compliment that I think I would give Mike is he is a leader.”

“I have worked with Mike previously and know him to be a highly respected and results driven leader.”

“I’ve collaborated with Mike for more than 15 years – he is a winner and gets the job done – highly recommended!”

“Mike’s your guy if you want maximum performance from your pipeline!”

“I have worked for/with Mike and know him to be nothing but exceptional that thinks outside the box. I highly recommend him.”

“Mike knuckles down when it comes to building pipe. He knows the ins and outs of modern social engineering as well as tried and trusted networking.”

“I’ve known Mike for many years. Always does what he commits to and delivers high quality leads for the business.”

“Mike is honest, hardworking and most of all customer focused.”

“Mike has terrific insights in working with people and their goals.”

“Mike’s commitment to excellence shows in everything he does.”

“I’ve worked with Mike and Grow Your Sales Pipeline at multiple companies in many different aspects. Mike is a true professional and I can’t recommend him enough.”

“Mike simply does as he promises.”

“Mike is a true professional and knows how to generate qualified leads and make sales.”

“Mike is one of the sharpest business development professionals I know. His attention to detail and ability to target key accounts is unmatched. He has shown the ability to deal with ambiguity and can adapt well in a changing environment.”

“Mike is tenacious, professional, and strives for success in all things! He is passionate about business; which completes the package, and why he is a winner.”

“Not sure how he works his magic, however, Mike opens doors no one else can.”

“Mike is honestly wanting to see others succeed! He wins when you win!”

“Mike was an absolute pleasure to work with and was integral to our sales success.”

“I was never in a sales-based role but I transitioned into one at my prior company shortly before Mike started. I learned a lot from him. He has a lot of great experience and knowledge!”

“Mike was absolutely instrumental in driving an effective process for lead generation. He managed a group of people which delivered amazing ROI for Digital River. He is professional and great to work with.”

“He is pleasant to work with, someone you can count on. If he said he was going to do it he did.”

“I have known and worked with Mike for over 13 years and his dedication to his customers has not changed. He is passionate about marketing and always ensure that his customers succeed in building their business. In addition to those traits that have contributed to Mike’s success, he is also dedicated to clean data because you cannot run a business well without quality leads.”

“His abilities to meet and exceed objectives is outstanding. I recommend him highly.”

“Mike is a focused and results driven leader. He implements innovative and focused plans that result in adding new prospects to the pipeline and increasing revenue for the organization. Mike is a great motivator and drives to increase the bottom line. He is a strong asset for any organization.”

“Mike is kind, hard working, and wholeheartedly authentic.”

“Mike is a hard working guy who cares about his work and his clients. Glad to do a review for people who are positive and making a difference.”

“Mike approaches his role in managing market/lead/demand generation in a conscientious and dedicated manner. Mike sets high standards for delivering high quality qualified leads to the sales organization and is an asset to any sales team.”

“Competent, capable, creative, and encouraging. Those are the first words that come to my mind when I think about Mike Ciccolella. His extensive experience, knowledge, and ingenuity drove the team to think outside the box and find new ways to prospect and engage suspects. I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with Mike and more importantly, to learn from him. I learned a lot from him. He has a lot of great experience and knowledge!”

“Mike is thoughtful, creative and hard working. As a consultant he will go above and beyond to help connect you with strategic plans for growth and facilitate meaningful connections!”

“Very knowledgeable about modern tools to uncover leads and opportunities.”

“Mike is by far the most talented and committed Market Development professional that I have worked with over the years. He has a focus and dedication for the job that I would work with anywhere. He continuously exceeded expectations and forecasts.”

“Mike is a great guy!”

“Mike is the most amazing lead generator I have ever known. Unlike most of us in sales, he LOVES cold calling and did an unbelievable job making things happen. His results were always top notch and his follow through was excellent. Nothing ever fell through the cracks with Mike and he always set me up for success! Highly recommended.”

“Mike’s passion for Market Development was clearly visible as he and the group he managed kept the entire sales force quite busy.”

“I have enjoyed working with Mike for my small business, especially because he is a mindful individual who has my greatest good in mind and helping myself and others reach their potential. So grateful for Mike and the authentic energy he brings!”

“I began working with Mike at one of our first sales companies almost 30 years ago–he was my appointment setter and I would run the calls he would set. Even back then, he was incredibly efficient and a student of the sales process. He’s perfected his craft and will bring a lot of knowledge and street smarts to you and your sales team. Get to know him and watch the depth and quality of your pipelines grow. Mike is a consummate sales professional and relationship builder. His activities are always customer focused and is one of the most efficient and effective problem solvers in his field. I highly recommend Mike.”

“Mike is a highly professional and motivated individual. He brought his expertise and experience to the group, setup processes, and showed demonstrated results in driving new sales very quickly. He is a great person to work with, and I would be happy to work with him again.”

“It was a great experience to work beside him and any one getting the opportunity to do so will find themselves better individuals because of him.”

“He has a very positive outlook for his work and his life. Mike would be an asset to any organization.”

“The qualities that I think make Mike most successful are:
1. Supreme attention to detail
2. Understands the sales process and therefore knows how to communicate it to new representatives.
3. He is forward thinking and always looking for ways to improve himself and Market Development.
4. Understands what his people expect of him.
6. Humility”

“Mike is a very strong leader at building and growing Market Development (telemarketing/inside sales) groups in an organization. Mike leads from a place of great integrity, strong character and passion to continue to grow his own talents and skills. I would strongly recommend Mike to grow and manage a Global Market Development organization.”

“He consistently demonstrates the ability to lead and succeed under pressure.”

“Mike is incredible thoughtful in process and thorough in execution, highly recommend.”

“Mike is a true professional!”

“I don’t believe that I have had the privilege of working with another business development executive as focused and as prolific as Mike Ciccolella. He provided solid, well qualified leads to me in the two years that we worked together, and had positioned solutions before these prospects comprehensively enough before the lead pass, which helped shorten the sales cycle to my advantage. Mike is very likeable, aligns expectations well and was a pleasure to work with.”

“His coaching skills are superb.”

“Mike is kind, detail oriented and a pleasure to work with. I feel like he gives you undivided attention and is very clear on meeting the needs of others and that’s important.”

“He is an outstanding and wonderful person.”

“His knowledge, skill set, and attitude, along with his authentic interest in seeing others succeed set the stage for a great working relationship that catapulted not just my growth, but the entire team’s growth. I am forever grateful for the time, coaching, and wisdom Mike bestowed upon me.”

“Mike is well connected, a great friend, knows everybody and working with him is effective & efficient. Always.”

“Mike is the all-time best person I’ve ever worked with in lead generation. He was and continues to be a wonderful mentor to me, and I feel I learned from the best in the business.”

“His professionalism and drive to succeed are qualities we should all try and emulate.”

“Mike is by far the most talented and committed Market Development professional that I have worked with over the years. He has a focus and dedication for the job that I would work with anywhere. He continuously exceeded expectations and forecasts. We should all be so lucky to work with someone with his level of professionalism, commitment and success.”