Sales Recruiting Services

Grow Your Sales Team℠ — Leverage me and my team of twelve (12) experienced recruiters to assist in sourcing motivated “A” Player personnel dedicated to lead generation, sales, sales support, and marketing. Based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. I serve clients and sales and marketing candidates throughout the United States of America (USA).

  • Tap into healthy networks and database of producer, hunter, farmer, and leader candidates
  • Through a proven process and in-depth analysis I quickly fact find and zero in on unique client requirements and truly understand your ideal candidate needs
  • Meticulous multi-level screening of candidates through traditional and customized evidence-based behavioral interviewing
  • Be introduced to the top, hard-to-find professional candidate pool that is capable of delivering results
  • Meet the right candidate for your company culture, values, objectives, activity metrics, revenue goals, and incentive package
  • Experience open communication and a collaborative process
  • Enjoy an expedited selection process and lower cost per hire
  • Will save you the time and cost of advertising
  • Will save you the time and effort of going through stacks of resumes and wasteful interviews
  • Focused on quality candidates, not quantity
  • Give you the insights to make an educated decision
  • Assistance provided with scheduling interviews, communicating with candidates on next steps or not proceeding, comprehensive reference checks, offer letter and start date preparation
  • Post-hire follow up with hiring managers and candidates to ensure ongoing success
  • To fulfill a client’s needs and a candidate’s expectations it takes a personal touch
  • Commitment to working hard to expand your business

Focused on Sales and Marketing Staffing

Specialize in the placement of a variety of VP, Director, Manager, Representative, Specialist, and Consultant functional positions, including:

Account Executive, Account Manager, Account Representative, Area Sales, Brand Manager, Business Development, Client Development, Client Services, Channel Manager, Channel Representative, Content Marketing, Coordinator, Demand Generation, Digital Marketing, District Sales, Email Marketing, Inside Sales, Lead Generation, Market Development, Marketing, Marketing Associate, Marketing Communications, Marketing Executive, Online Marketing, Outside Sales, Public Relations, Regional Sales, Sales, Sales Associate, Sales Development, Sales Enablement, Sales Engineer, Sales Executive, Sales Operations, SEM, SEO, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Solution

If you are looking to grow your sales and marketing departments and p