Lead Generation / B2B Telemarketing Services

Grow Your Sales Revenue℠ — A virtual extension of your team. Outbound Business Development (aka Lead Generation, Inside Sales, Sales Appointment Setting, Sales Development, Market Development, Telemarketing). I do the high-level prospecting for you and/or help you scale an in-house department! Based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. I serve clients throughout the United States of America (USA).

Sales Appointment Setting Service / Sales-Ready Leads

  • When a decision-maker at a prospect account is qualified and interested in learning more I schedule a discovery conference call, demo or in-person meeting on your calendar using your email and conference technology
  • Drive trade show meetings and seminar meetings
  • Receive sales-ready opportunity briefings in pdf format before the discovery call
  • Receive candid prospect feedback about your company, products, services as well as contact, account, market, and competitor intelligence
  • All activity tracked and measured on reports and a dashboard in Salesforce.com Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

Outbound Marketing Campaigns

  • Per meaningful interaction ensure your target market, Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and contacts know your company, service or product story
  • New customer acquisition
  • Cross-sell, upsell, maximize and expand within existing customer accounts
  • Conduct market research
  • Craft go-to-market, outbound phone, voicemail, and digital campaign messaging
  • Personalized and persona-based messaging
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategic business marketing approach
  • Focus on territory and/or named accounts as requested
  • Smart business development cadence
  • Outbound emails, LinkedIn Inmail, phone calls, voicemails
  • Social selling, social marketing, and social outreach
  • Event (lunch and learn, seminar, trade show, webinar, etc.) promotion and reminder calls to increase registrations and attendance rates
  • Follow up, nurturing, and qualification of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) / Marketing-generated inbound leads from campaigns, contact forms, downloads, trade shows, etc.
  • Handling objections and letting you know of new ones
  • Appointment confirmation calls
  • Post-event follow up calls
  • Lead management, routing and nurturing
  • Marketing, demand generation, and content suggestions to boost campaigns

Strategy, Process, Systems, Methodologies, and Structure

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) improvements | Salesforce.com and other SFA/CRM design including fields, page layouts, views, reports, charts, dashboards for efficient pipeline management, campaign execution, tracking, performance transparency, and ROI value
  • Playbook development
  • Targeting and segmentation
  • Landing page optimization recommendations
  • Standards and expectations
  • Activity metrics and measurement
  • Social selling, social engagement, and marketing techniques
  • Marketing generated activity to customer lifecycle process
  • Job descriptions
  • Interview questions
  • Onboarding program development
  • Management questions
  • Identification of manager coaching opportunities
  • Performance management
  • Coaching and warning plans
  • Marketing, sales, demand generation, content, social media process, and strategy recommendations

Some Reasons C-Suite Officers Rave About My Services

  • Highly qualified leads (HQLs), sales qualified leads (SQLs, calls and/or meetings), and actionable Sales opportunities
  • Maximize the efficiency and increase the productivity of Sales
  • More time for Sales to focus on their core competency of closing deals
  • Target new, or under-performing markets and verticals
  • Awareness of new, and future opportunities
  • Improve morale
  • Qualified, scheduled, and confirmed appointments
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Insightful market intelligence
  • Higher conversions from existing in-house Marketing campaigns
  • Enhance B2B database
  • Increase Sales and Marketing alignment
  • Revenue growth

The Difference

Differentiators to Consider When Selecting an Outbound Business Development (aka Lead Generation, Insid